Grab your walking boots, catch your bike, hold your paddle in readiness! Encounter the homeland of the last living mountain gorillas on our planet together with like-minded passionates and insider-tour guides off the beaten track. Face a truly unique once-in-a-livetime experience!

Based in Uganda, Entebbe, UGANDA TRAILS LTD offers specific know-how in unique single trails explored for special activities like Trekking and Hiking, Mountain Biking and Trekking Biking and Kayaking. A good balance between wild life, culture, adventure, scenic beauty and healthy lifestyle is our travel philosophy. We offer regular scheduled departures as well as customized itineraries and we may respond to your inquiries in English, German and French.

The extraordinary encounter in Uganda: Experience first-hand the genetic closeness between humans and the “gentle giants” through an eye-to-eye perception with mountain gorillas in the misty Bwindi Rainforest – an experience unique the world over! In order to ensure you receive the necessary “Gorilla Permits” in the Bwindi Forest, UGANDA TRAILS offers special advantageous booking conditions. Take a look at the information on Gorilla Permits.

TRAIL 1: Gorilla Hiking Tour

SAFARI AND HIKING. An expedition on the tracks of lions, elephants, zebras and gorillas combined with two hikes off-the-beaten-track in the Bwindi Forest as part of the tropical Rift Valley Mountains – this is our GORILLA HIKING TOUR CONCEPT.

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TRAIL 2: FIRE & ICE Expedition

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING AND SAFARI. Two extreme summit ascents to Nyiragongo Volcano and Ruwenzori Mountains. Discover the ice-covered and fire-spouting peaks of the East African Rift Valley.

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TRAIL 3: Trekking Bike Safari

SAFARI AND JOYFUL BIKING. In this landscape of grassy savannahs, lakes, rain forests and volcanos, there are spots that have remained untouched by tourism to this day. These are best reached by bike…

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TRAIL 4: Mountain Bike Safari

SAFARI AND AMBITIOUS BIKING. Our mountain bike routes, explored and put together by us, contain sections that can neither be found in any guide books, nor on Google Earth. Earth roads alternate with off-country dirt trails. Despite the area being totally untouched by tourism, you can still enjoy a shower and a clean bed every evening in simple, local hotels – ideal conditions for a challenging mountain bike trip with plenty of opportunity for contact with the local East African inhabitants.

Find out how active cyclists experience the pristine, untouched nature of Rwanda and Uganda. Home of the last remaining gorillas on our planet …