UGANDA TRAILS - our guideline for sustainable work

As an environmentally conscious and forward-looking incoming agent in Uganda, UGANDA TRAILS LTD is committed to the sustainability of travel and organization.

We undertake to comply with the following guidelines:

  • SUSTAIN ABLE MANAGEMENT means to act strategically, to lead and integrate.
  • Sustainability is understood above all as a CHANCE; To solve the impact of entrepreneurial activity in the future and to the benefit of all.
  • The “SUSTAINABLE ENTREPRENEUR” fulfills its responsibilities in the region to increase the CITIES by involving local communities and families.
  • ECONOMY in balance with ecology and social aspects are equal concerns for long-term stability of the company.
  • Responsible handling of RESOURCES AND ENERGY means 1. Avoid, 2. Decrease and 3. Replace regeneratively.
  • The “SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYER” fulfills a demanding SOCIAL COMPETENCE against its employees, increases their qualifications and secures employment.
  • RESPECT to the people is the 'sustainable entrepreneur' for the respect of human rights and is directed against any form of discrimination and corruption.
  • OPEN MINDED is a setting. Transparency of measures for sustainability is the consequence.
  • The VOLUNTARY COMMITMENT to sustainability is an obligation to itself, which becomes a claim of society.
  • The 'Sustainable Entrepreneurs' approach sets ANREIZE to rethink and act in order to involve employees and partners in a constant process of improving sustainability.

As a partner of CSR-certified tourism companies, UGANDA TRAILS LTD strives to continually improve the social and environmental sustainability of travel offers and voluntarily undertakes to implement the Supplier Code of Conduct as a service provider of tourism companies in its entrepreneurial activities.

UGANDA TRAILS LTD is committed to its social responsibility within its sphere of action. Negative social and environmental impacts are systematically reduced and avoided and positive effects are reinforced.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD is aware of and complies with all relevant international and national laws and regulations relating to health, safety, labor and environmental issues as well as anti-corruption.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD actively communicates the principles defined here and incorporates its employees and other stakeholders into the implementation.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD encourages its own suppliers and subcontractors to comply with the basic principles of sustainable tourism.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD agrees to report on compliance with the principles on request.
➢ In case of non-compliance with the principles defined here, the travel organizer is entitled to terminate the cooperation and contractual agreements.

1. Human rights
UGANDA TRAILS LTD is committed to the protection of children against sexual exploitation. Child prostitution as well as conspicuous behavior of guests, employees, suppliers or other persons in their own sphere of effect is not tolerated and brought to the announcement. According to Convention 138, Article 3 of the ILO, a person under 18 is a “child”.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD disclaims all forms of discrimination based on skin color, ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity.
UGANDA TRAILS prevents all forms of forced labor and exploitative child labor.

2. Working conditions
UGANDA TRAILS LTD ensures the safety and health of its employees at the workplace.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD pays its employees at least according to legally regulated standards, observes the legally regulated working hours, holidays and illness days of the employees and grants its female employees the regulated protection periods in case of pregnancy.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD confers on its employees the right to association and ensures an effective complaint procedure by which the employees can point to abuses, including those concerning harassment, and legal remedies.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD opposes any kind of mental and physical aggression, as well as sexual or other harassment and other forms of intimidation.

3. Environmental protection and biodiversity
UGANDA TRAILS LTD knows the sources of its energy and water consumption and undertakes measures to reduce consumption.
UGANDA TRAILS LTD minimizes the use of hazardous substances, including pesticides, paints, disinfectants for swimming pools and cleaning materials and, if possible, replaces them with harmless products. de