An encounter with the “gentle giants” and the chance to look into the eyes of a 230-kg silverback (they share 93 percent of mankind’s DNA) offers a uniquely unforgettable life experience, even for well-travelled globetrotters. Such an encounter is, undoubtedly, the highlight of a trip to Uganda for every visitor. Today 720 endangered mountain gorillas still live in the tri-border region of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda; 360 of them alone live in the Ugandan Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. They live under the threat of extinction through their war-obsessed brothers, those with 100 percent DNA…

Nowhere else in the world can chimpanzees and gorillas be tracked and observed so closely in their natural habitat as here in Uganda and Rwanda. More than 1,400 chimpanzees swing their way through the high treetops of the Kibale Forest and few primates allow humans to come as close as the legendary gorilla families in the Bwindi Forest and in the Volcanoe National Park. These two encounters form the key highlights of our GORILLA Trekking Tour through Uganda and Rwanda.

Lake Mburo Nature Walk

However, the two sister countries Uganda and Rwanda have so much more to offer over and above the two-day trekking tour to the great apes! A trip to Uganda wouldn’t be complete without a boat trip on Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and the third-largest lake in the world. Covering an area around the size of the Republic of Ireland and supporting around 30 million inhabitants, the lake serves primarily as the “source” of the Nile providing water to regions as far north as Sudan and Egypt.

Our route continues through the Lake Mburo National Park all the way to the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park located to the south of the Ruwenzori Mountains. More than 95 species of mammals, including 3,000 elephants, 10,000 buffalos, 400 lions and over 5,000 hippos, live here in one of Africa’s most fauna-rich nature reserves. Founded in 1952, the park can certainly hold its own with the parks in Tanzania and Kenya.


Three days of game drives and our Kibale chimpanzee tracking hike are followed by a three-day trek through the Kigezi Highlands in the south-west of Uganda. Not many people in the world ever enjoy the privilege of crossing what appears to be an impenetrable rainforest on foot! The highlight of our trek takes place on the second day when we encounter a family of gorillas – far away from all civilisation, in the heart of the rainforest, eye to eye with our closest relatives, the mountain gorillas in the Bwindi National Park. On day three our trek takes us along an undulating, easy-going panoramic trail to Lake Mutanda where we board dug-out canoes, as used by the locals, to reach Kisoro, the southernmost town in Uganda. This three-day trek, including canoe trip, provides the active highlight of our tour.

Vulcano Muhavura

Kisoro is located at an altitude of more than 2,000 metres above sea level at the foot of the three Virunga Volcanoes. The 4,125 metre-high Mt. Muhavura, the 3,475 metre-high Mt. Gahinga and the 3,645 metre-high Mt. Sabinyo form a natural border, marking the entranceway to Rwanda. Thanks to a well-maintained tarmac route , Ruhengeri/Musanze in the neighbouring country of Rwanda can be reached fairly quickly and without any hair-raising road experiences. Here we can enjoy a second chance to track and encounter the mountain gorillas at close range in the Volcanoes National Park. Black and white dairy cows grazing between green tea plantations, clean villages without plastic bags littering the waysides, and disciplined traffic policemen are what characterise the streetscape during our journey to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. But Sub-Saharan Africa has always been dirty, corrupt and poor, hasn’t it? Something’s amiss here…

Terrasse view from our house boat

You finally join our House-Boat which is waiting for you on Lake Kivu in Ruanda. You may walk a couple of hours on the Congo-Nile-Trail along the lake shore and then get on our “swimming island” to relax. Six beds, a cook and a terrasse with a wonderful view on the Rift Valley Mountains invite you to spend one night in the middle of the lake before the tour will end in Kigali.

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