From the “Switzerland of Africa” to the “Pearl of Africa” (W. Churchill), from the “Land of a Thousand Hills” to the source of the Nile, from the heights of the African rift to the lowlands of the Great Lakes region – that describes the geographical range of our bike tour from Rwanda to Uganda.

The idea of a bike tour through these spectacular landscapes might, at first, sound a little crazy. Aren’t the distances too long and the mountains too steep for bikes? Doesn’t Africa automatically entail heat, dust and safety risks?

Our fifteen-day bike tour from Kigali/Rwanda to Entebbe/Uganda takes us around 1,200 kilometres through East Africa. Of the fifteen days, we spend 7 in the saddle covering some 300 km in total with an average of around 40 kilometres each day. At a distance of 3-5 kilometres from the cycling group, an escort vehicle is always close at hand should you need or wish to take a break. Our “Made in Germany” trekking bikes are never more than 2 years old. Should you nonetheless encounter technical problems with your bike, then our escort vehicle can bring a replacement bike of similar quality without delay. The help and assistance offered by our dedicated team is second to none!

Under these conditions, Rwanda and Uganda offer ideal destinations for cycling. Despite the fact that both countries are situated in Africa’s tropical, equatorial region, temperatures seldom exceed 30°C. And air humidity of max. 80% is, likewise, not too excessive. The reason behind these pleasant climatic conditions lies in the fact that 85% of Ugandan state territory is located at an altitude of over 1,000 metres above sea level. The lowest point in Rwanda is 950 metres, and the highest, Mount Karisimbi, over 4,500 metres! These high altitudes guarantee a pleasant all-year-round climate in both countries, similar to the continental European summer.

The predominantly rural communities in Rwanda and Uganda are connected by a network of agricultural tracks located far away from any major roads. In Rwanda serpentine trails lead through a breathtaking labyrinth of high mountains and deep valleys, secluded rivers and picturesque lakes. Uganda, on the other hand, is characterised by the rich diversity of produce that flourishes there (coffee, tea, bananas, pineapples, maize, sugarcane), the plantations of which are easy to access via maintained tracks. Our Trekking Bike Safari offers an enjoyable and memorable trip through two totally contrasting countries.